Friday, July 6, 2012

Phone Rant Friday

**Warning this is a "possible scenario" of a possible conversation. Any resemblance to actual events is completely accidental.*** :P


Me: Good Morning.Spiffy Lawyer's Office. How may I help you?
Loud children in the background screaming their heads off. Woman yelling shut up can't you see I'm on the damn phone. Man laughing in the background. Woman yelling at man...I'm trying to talk to the damn Dr. here.
**Hrm....finger itching to hang up on them...sure I've lost a little hearing due to the excessive decibel level**
Caller: Hello can I talk to Dr. Spiffy.
Me: Attorney Spiffy?
Caller: Who is this?
Me: Receptionist Extraordinaire (who's patience would make Mother Teresa Weep) at Spiffy, PLC.
Caller: Who?
Me: The receptionist at Attorney Spiffy, PLC.
Caller: What does he do?
Me: He's a lawyer. What type of legal issue do you have Ma'am?
Caller: I want to sue the Local Police Department.
Me: The nature of the suit?
Caller: What?
Me: Why do you want to sue the Local Police Department?
Child screaming mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm hungry. Man still laughing in the background. Child yelling Daddy give it back. Woman screams in my ear at the Man, "Dumbass leave the fucking kids alone and go fix them some fucking breakfast." Man yells at woman, "You are such a fucking Bitch."
Caller: They arrested us for shoplifting in front of the kids and traumatized them cause social services had them until we could post bond.
Me: @@  (I can't believe they have them back!!)

**Maybe it's just me but I'm sure that they were traumatized when Social Services gave them BACK TO THESE IDIOTS** This is why I support sterilization of drug addicts, able minded and able bodied people who refuse to work and support the kids they do have, and parents like the ones above who are just plain too stupid to be supervising any children much less their own. You have to have a license for everything...I think it's time to have one for the right to parent. Our world population would decrease 3 fold in the space of 20 years and the foolish would not contribute to the gene pool.