Friday, February 4, 2011


My friend Theresa had this unseamed sweater in her house and gave it to me. I've sewn it together and now I'm working on the neck doing a 4x4 rib for a few more rows then its on to weaving in the millions of ends. This is Dueces birthday's almost finished.

- Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Tweaking WP-Ecommerce

Over at I've been testing and tweaking ecommerce plugins. I think I will stick with WP-ecommerce for now. So now I just need to add my products and create the site related top banners. I also need to create banners for Fischer's Fine Arts and work on her custom template. Not sure how often I will be updating blogger since I have my domain almost done if I use the cell phone to make updates then I can update both at the same time. I will look for a wordpress plugin that can do the trick.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reversible hat finished

Noro and Vanna black trim crochet

- Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eww Eww Eww

Positive: My photo kit came.
Negative: Client came into the office smelling like butt smothered in Mo' Ass cologne...bout to gag and toss my lunch and I really need my lunch :(.


Well, I'm still under the weather. I finished spinning and plying the Pacifica. I just have to skein it up on the niddy noddy tonight and toss it into the completed basket :). I've already split the Fiber Optics in the Cayenne Colorway in preparation for spinning tonight. I'm hoping the light box kit will be delivered today. Happy Dance!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Next up Fiber Optic Yarns

100% Blue Faced Leicester cayenne and garnet color-ways. The color is very vibrant and the fiber is squishy soft very huggable fiber.

I have A Dyer's Garden and it is an awesome resource for my fiber addiction. I want to get the book on Hand Dyeing to add to my reference library eventually.

- Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Pacifica day one

Well there's only about 1.5 ounces left to spin. I will finish spinning it and will Navajo ply it tonight. Will post more pictures later.

Because the lighting in my house sucks I ordered the Digital Concepts PS-101 portable light studio thinggy from Amazon. So now maybe I can get some decent photos of my inventory and get it online.

- Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Pacifica by Fiberphile

Merino superwash 4.2 ounces start spinning 1/30/2011 purchased 2009 from Fiberphile on Etsy. I'm going to try and post progression images to keep you updated. This will be cross posted to as well.

- Spinning saves lives one fleece at a time!

Tunisian Crochet

I saw this over on You Tube of this Tunisian crochet blanket that looks almost exactly like knitting and I wanted to try it so I ordered some hooks. Wish me luck.