Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yeah it's been a hot minute since I last posted. You can find othdr posts at Shespins.com or my YouTube Page.  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Phone Rant Friday

**Warning this is a "possible scenario" of a possible conversation. Any resemblance to actual events is completely accidental.*** :P


Me: Good Morning.Spiffy Lawyer's Office. How may I help you?
Loud children in the background screaming their heads off. Woman yelling shut up can't you see I'm on the damn phone. Man laughing in the background. Woman yelling at man...I'm trying to talk to the damn Dr. here.
**Hrm....finger itching to hang up on them...sure I've lost a little hearing due to the excessive decibel level**
Caller: Hello can I talk to Dr. Spiffy.
Me: Attorney Spiffy?
Caller: Who is this?
Me: Receptionist Extraordinaire (who's patience would make Mother Teresa Weep) at Spiffy, PLC.
Caller: Who?
Me: The receptionist at Attorney Spiffy, PLC.
Caller: What does he do?
Me: He's a lawyer. What type of legal issue do you have Ma'am?
Caller: I want to sue the Local Police Department.
Me: The nature of the suit?
Caller: What?
Me: Why do you want to sue the Local Police Department?
Child screaming mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm hungry. Man still laughing in the background. Child yelling Daddy give it back. Woman screams in my ear at the Man, "Dumbass leave the fucking kids alone and go fix them some fucking breakfast." Man yells at woman, "You are such a fucking Bitch."
Caller: They arrested us for shoplifting in front of the kids and traumatized them cause social services had them until we could post bond.
Me: @@  (I can't believe they have them back!!)

**Maybe it's just me but I'm sure that they were traumatized when Social Services gave them BACK TO THESE IDIOTS** This is why I support sterilization of drug addicts, able minded and able bodied people who refuse to work and support the kids they do have, and parents like the ones above who are just plain too stupid to be supervising any children much less their own. You have to have a license for everything...I think it's time to have one for the right to parent. Our world population would decrease 3 fold in the space of 20 years and the foolish would not contribute to the gene pool.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Online Video Yardsale . This yardsale is to help a lovely young couple move back to N.C. to start a new chapter in their lives as well as to be closer to family and loved ones.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Phone Call Wednesday

Caller: My name is blah blah I'm a Realtor and personal friend of blahblah(my attorney) I would like to speak to him please.
Me: He's with a client right now. Would you like to leave a voice-mail or your number?
Caller: Don't you want my name?
Me: It's blah blah....your number please.
Caller: How do you know my name?
Me Internal: (Lord help me....I'm about to cuss!)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phone Calls for 29 May 2012

Caller: Good Morning. I was wondering if you offer a complimentary consultation?
Me: No Ma'am we don't. (What I really wanted to say... No we don't but I hope you enjoy your hotel stay! Please enjoy our complimentary soaps and shampoos but please don't remove our towels!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stupid Caller Monday

Caller: I'd like talk to someone about my taxes.
Me: Real Estate, Probate, or corporate?
Caller: My personal taxes.
Me: Sir, you need to call an accountant.
Caller: Why?
Me: This is a lawyers office Sir. An accountant/CPA can help you with any questions you have about your personal taxes.
Caller: This is some bullshit....click
Me: Thankfully I can't smell your bullshit through the phone.

Caller: Uh someone called me from this number.
Me: Are you being seen for landlord tenant, civil, residential and commercial real estate, Wills, Trusts, Estates and probate, corporate and business law, or Estate planning and Elder Law matters?
Caller: Uh....I don't know who called me.
Me: (cringing and grinding teeth to keep from being rude.)
Me: Sir did the person who called you leave a message? Everyone is at lunch right now.
Caller: Uh yeah.
Me: Sir can you give me your name and phone number, hang up and listen to the voice message and call me back with the name of the caller so I know who to direct your call to.
Caller: Uh yeah. Okay. (click)
Me: (Where the hell are my motrin)
Caller: I'd like to speak to someone about a landlord/Tenant issue.
Me: Attorney blah blah has a consultation fee of blah blah and applies the consultation fee towards your bill if you hire her to represent you....
Caller: I'm a disabled person I want a free consultation.
Me: We don't have free consultations.
Caller: Do you know the number of an attorney who handles disabled persons for free.
Me: No Ma'am. I can give you the number to Virginia Lawyer Referral they may be able to help you.
Caller: I tried them already they want $35.00 for a 1/2 hour consultation with an attorney.
Me: Perhaps you can try the Legal Aid Society of Virginia.
Caller: Maybe you can answer my questions.
Me: Ma'am I am not an attorney. It is against the law for me to give legal advice.  Would you like the number to Legal Aid I googled it for you.
Caller: Click.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden Videos. I've made them into a video list for you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Horrorscope for the day! http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/pisces/daily-extended/;_ylt=A2KIR8e5YJVPRXoAOgGNb6U5


Communication is very important today -- written, spoken and even nonverbal body language will all convey potent meanings. The people you'll be dealing with right now are tuned into you very closely -- even strangers will almost be able to finish your sentences. This means that you are probably going to be able to get an awful lot done in very little time, today. If you have been waiting for feedback from someone, call them today. They'll have an answer.

When I got to work everything was fine. By 8:50 the server had crashed. at (9:26 I rebooted the server: At 9:50 after i disconnected the router and reconnected it we now have Outlook etc server back. I think the NIC card is going bad.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Google and YouTube if it isn't broke don't fix it!

So tired of these glitches lately. The viewed video's aren't clearing from the list. My list is now cluttered. It is hit and miss which video's will remove themselves after you watch them. Some "mysteriously" readd themselves.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Got my rain barrels

My husband butt dialed me while he was talking to the guy selling the pickle barrels and yes they are definitely pickle barrels....wheeeeewww. . Gonna get a couple more next pay period. I also want to get one and use it as a composter

Get real.

Today I realized that more than half of the population in the US under the age of 40 wouldn't survive if we were blasted back into the dark ages. This girl called asking about medicaid because she was "pregnant". I worked up to the day I went into labor with all 4 of my kids. WTF. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too many rules spoil the broth!

Enter: An online community dedicated to creativity using various forms of fiber/yarny goodness. 

1. Similar goals. To have a place to meet online that has no pressure to produce but is geared towards sharing, camaraderie, and support of each other's crafts as well as emotional support when needed.

2. Offer encouragement in various aspects of the creative process as well as in real life.

3. Have Fun.

Exit: When someone seeks to control a creative group of individuals by bogging them down with rules and rules and more rules. People become afraid to be themselves for fear of offending and being kicked out of this group that they've made all these like minded friends in. If it ain't broke don't fix it. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

So...my allergies are going berserk right now. Mutant pollen. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crochet along with Youtube Group The Cast Off Crew

We have a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/utuberscrochetalong/ . Contact Andebelieves or dumpforstump on youtube if you are insterested.

On the crochet front I have been working on my Pay it forward 2012. I'm doing 9 scarves and 1 baby blanket through a Facebook Giveaway announcement. Gonna post the post here so it will be easier for mto find.

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