Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cell Phone Saga

My phone disappeared off my desk at work yesterday. Whoever has it turned it off because all messages were going straight to voicemail. They turned it back on later last night but wouldn't answer it.  Just to have peace of mind we searched my office, calling it,  searched the garbage dumpster calling it and nothing. :( So I've changed my passwords for my cox account, email, facebook, twitter, and smartypig account. As if someone who would steal a cell phone would put money into your savings account. The app only would let you view how much money I have on my smartypig goals but better safe than sorry. The lady at At & T said you'd be surprised how many people steal or take phones and then try to activate the service on them at the phone company that is branded on the phone. She said that if they did that the sales rep would confiscate the phone and call the police because as of last night it is listed as stolen and/or lost. I've never lost anything important. I'll drop a phone in puddle of water but I've never "lost" one. Especially off of my desk.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


1. If  I wanted your services I would call you.
2. I am the person making the decisions in regards to those services and my decisions is to hang up on your stupid arse for calling me.
3. No you may not speak to my supervisor or my boss....he's going to hang up on your dumb ass too.
4. Stop calling me interrupting my work flow.
5. Just because I hung up on "Peggy" doesn't mean I want to speak to "Sue".