Friday, March 4, 2011

Some of the yarns spun since the diet began.

Borjo's Last Night!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well isn't this lovely. I miss WOTLK and raiding with my guild. I can't seem to get into Cataclysm. It seems blah. I may buy Rift and see how it compares to WOW.  On a good note since I'm not playing WOW I've been getting alot of spinning done.

I finished Plying the Peach Punta, Plying one of the skeins of the Mills Ends that Dale dyed. It's not like his "Inner Kermit but it's very pretty and sock worthy.  Working on the second bobbin of the more neon lime/green one tonight then I hope to get it all skeined up and get some pictures and add it to my inventory.

I have alot to do in the coming weeks. I gotta get my tiller ready. Get my topsoil ordered. Pick up some horse manure. Till and Mix all that lovely stuff up with the compost from last year. I like Peg's bucket idea for Tomatoes this year. I grew our basil in a large container that a tree had come in someone tossed on the curb on garbage day. We got the last of the Basil off of it around X-mas before the snow. I think I will grow basil in it again this year and grow some tomatoes in buckets as well as my other herbs. I still need to get my water barrels. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hurts like a byotch. I don't want to go outside in case it's a migraine.  One shot of sunlight might make it bloom into full force. I took an aspirin and it took off the edge but it still hurts. Other than that-- I finished plying some of the yarn I spun. Need to take pics when I get home. Working on plying the peachy Punta that I spun up. It's gorgeous. Then on to the two bobbins of greens to ply. Definitely sock yarn worthy. Spindle spinning tthe chocolate Rambouilett. I think I've found my perfect fiber. I love it. Which means when we win the lottery I will be having me a Rambouilett flock :) ha ha ha ha ha .

Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilt Show at the Hampton Convention Center

Because the children love playing with my camera the batteries were dead so I had to use my cell to take some pics. Now since I am a spinner I gravitate towards all things fiber so watching the weavers and spinners and visiting the Mangham Manor Wool and Mohair Farm booth were the highlights for me. I purchased some Rambouillet fiber that was absolutely divine.  I had a spindle with me and started spinning while I was walking around. Http:// email cell: 434-882-2222 Trust me you won't be disappointed. This roving is pristine and soft omg!! is it soft!