Friday, March 25, 2011

Website Updates

Well my back is feeling better...probably the drugs so I'm trying not to have a set back like I had over the weekend. My two grown daughters were arguing at 3 in the morning over "clothes" and who's the bigger slut, hoebag, and other choice terms they were screaming. I was sound asleep. I jumped out of the bed forgetting I had a screwed up back and ran downstairs ready to beat someone to death with my baseball bat and no kids...then I realized they must be I by now in great pain, headed up stairs...all the way upstairs to the attic bedrooms where they live...and there I was until 4 in the morning trying to keep them from killing each other. Finally I decided if they kill each other then I have to get my will modified and headed downstairs...slipped and fell needless to say...I was crying like a baby. My Dr. said I bruised both knees, sprained my wrist, rolled my ankle that if the swelling doesn't go down or the pain gets worse he wants xrays because of the large bruise on the side of it and I re-injured my hip that was part of the original back injury tearing fibers and crap injury.

So. Hopefully the rain will hold off because I have minions to orchestrate to get my tilling done and rows done so I can start my garden. I will have veggies or bust...someone will get busted up....

Been updating the code on my bosses website while I work on the new W3C compliant template and all SEO'd optimized from the ground up. Then I need to update my own website for my web design stuff so I can get some new clients on the side. Add fiber and other stuff to shespins to la la does it ever end. Why can't I win the lottery so I can pay off all my debt, buy me a little farm for my Rambouillet, Wensleydale crosses I want to breed and run away from my kids :).