Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm following a ton of people but no one is following me so...if you want to find my latest posts go to or  I'll still post stuff up here but those are my main blogs. Also my Facebook fan page for Shespins.Com. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting the taxes together and gardening plans.

Trying to get the taxes together. Have most of the Job, School, Mortgage stuff. Now I just need to get Ask McCants, LLC paperwork together. This has been a very, very, sad year. On a positive note my topsoil will be delivered next week so I plan to have an even better garden then last year. I'm not going to fight with that hard as concrete clay on the sunny side of the yard...I'm just gonna dump dirt over there instead :). The other side did really good with the collards and peppers so I'm going to put more over there this year.

Buh-bye Verizon

I suspended service. You started re-billing me. I called. You tried to sell me service I don't want. Instead of addressing the issue of your billing me for a phone that is suppose to be suspended. So...enter AT&T who I left you for over a year ago to transfer my number to an additional line that will cost me $9.00 a month versus your "we could do of 59.00" a month. Why should I pay you $59.00 a month for a phone that has 0/Zero usage.

Your ex-very dissatisfied customer.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cleaning House.

So far so good in my efforts to minimize the "personal" domains and sites. I've decided to let be static. I will not update it anymore. If it breaks then I'm going to take it down permanently. Dalequan.Com...not sure what I want to do with it right now. Everything else points to